Efficient, calm and fun together

Build generations

with an agile mindset

Agile For Life consulting helps teams, families and classrooms to build together positively

Digital technologies have transformed our lives. Individuals have to be able to adapt and embrace the changes. The digital transformation is going beyond technologies and project management methodologies : it affects the persons and we need to accommodate the change and become part of it. Most of us received a “vertical” education (top-down from the parents, teachers and management) and we need to make a transition to succeed in this new era.


Agile is more than a methodology, it is an horizontal way of working and a philosophy where individuals are empowered to self organise and improve their way of working together constantly.


In our experiential workshops and training, you will embrace a growth mindset and discover tools to connect and empower people in an “horizontal” way and develop together better communication, self awareness, collaboration and resilience skills.


We are also here to explore with you a new product or service idea, help you to understand your customers and build iteratively a product that fits their needs.



In Agility


Do you need help to embrasse changes?

Let’s get together from the vision to a minimum viable product, understanding your customers and setting priorities from their needs and your goals.

Collaboration Positive Agile


Let's empower teams together and discover tools that will help teams to feel better and work more calmly, efficiently and while having fun.



private or group consultations



Do you want to improve your family communication ?

    Let’s work together to develop your family life skills, create a collaboration environment being kind and firm at the same time and help kids to grow through positive encouragement.



Do you want to teach in an efficient, calm and fun environment at your school ?

    Let’s introduce Positive Discipline in your classrooms together.



Cortés Astudillo

María is passionate about agile methodologies and how we can build the future generations and improve life with an agile mindset. She enjoys sharing across her extensive network the agile culture and the Positive Discipline tools.


Marie K.

"Positive Discipline has completely opened my eyes to a side of education that I did not know. It has changed my way of seeing things with my children, but it is also super effective between adults."

Christophe C.

" María is full of energy, very dynamic and meticulous: she is a passionate learner, she adapts and explores but, above all, she has good sense, she is pragmatic and down to earth.

Her motivation and drive are contagious: she does not change people with powerpoint; it changes people by working with them. She is a top class product owner and a great change agent! "

Javier C.

" I had the opportunity to work with María during the agility programs at "IEBS Business School"; María is very professional and I would like to highlight her implication and her continuous improvement culture. She is continuously asking and providing feedback, embracing excellence in each edition of the program.