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Empowering People in the Workplace

The world is constantly changing: in professional structures we are moving from a vertical management organization, very hierarchical, to a more horizontal management style - also known as the green vision of the world.*

In this organisation structure, employee's responsibilities and roles are not the same, what is identical, are  employees respect and dignity.

Manager's role has changed: rather than setting goals for the team, he acts as a leader, steward of a common vision. He can guide them from anywhere in the group, and not necessarily from the top of the hierarchy.


Today, we see that managers and their teams do not have the tools and skills needed to move towards a more horizontal organisation. To establish horizontal relations, they must develop skills such as: contribution, cooperation, transparency, self-regulation, perspective, responsibility, creativity, problem solving.


Based on Adlerian psychology,  Empowering People in the Workplace (EPW) program is focus on the basic desire of all people — to belong and feel significant (Maslow pyramid level 3).

Workshops participants will develop skills such as:

  • Communication , using questioning and practicing active listening;

  • Performance and productivity, replacing toxic behaviors, based on criticism, by solutions focus approach, creating a culture of feedback that is encouraging;

  • Engagement by developping belonging and significance feeling at work

  • Cooperation and collaboration , to experience the power of creating procedures,  to understand the importance of having templates and routines in the workplace to work effectively;

  • Perspective , by focusing on the assets of each team member

  • The power to encourage others, to develop team intrinsic motivation;

  • Self-regulation , by understanding how our brain works and the behaviors we adopt when we are understress,

  • The growth mindset , converting mistakes in learning opportunities;

  • Motivation, understanding the importance of having a common team vision;

  • Connection , by creating spaces where team members feel confident and increase transparency;

  • Mutual respect , getting a good balance between kindness and firmness

  • Compassion , learning to listen beyond the words to understand what others say, feel and what they really want;

  • Creativity , using collective intelligence and role plays in the problem solution search

EPW activities will help participants to develop their emotional intelligence to create or improve team performance fulfilling the team members' and their own personal need of belonging and significance.Our workshops are very interactive and activities are experiential; we use role-play to make participants go through the feeling-thinking-decision cycle.

We can propose you face-to-face or online workshops.


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*Reinventing Organizations, (Frédéric Laloux).